Deciding on whom to select to record one of the most important days of your life is difficult. How do you select someone? What criteria do you use? Before deciding who to use, you need to decide what you want. Here are a series of questions to help narrow that down.
  1 What is that you want? Do you want prints, a book or simply a CD with the images?
  2 How many images do you want?
  3 What part of the day do you want covered? Just the service? Do you want posed photos? Do you want full coverage from getting ready through the reception?
  4 What approach to the wedding do you want? The traditional style with mainly posed images? Or do you prefer candid shots?
  5 Do you have the time and expertise to process images if you only get digital files?
  6 How much is your budget?
Once you have these decisions made, now it is time to start looking for a photographer. Talk to friends, catering managers, reception managers or even florists. Once you have made a list of potential photographers, consider these questions:
  1 Given their criteria, what is their price? Are they available on your date?
  2 Meet with the photographer. Look at their work. How long after the wedding will the product be provided?


How personable is the photographer? Remember, you are going to be around this person when stressed, exhausted, overheated, and had enough of posing and smiling! Is this someone that will not add to your stress?
  4 Does the photographer have an assistant?
  5 Does the photographer have professional quality telephoto and wide-angle lenses?
  6 Does the photographer use professional or consumer quality cameras?
  7 Does the photographer have backup equipment and is it the same quality as the primary equipment?
  8 Do you get the proofs? Are they watermarked?