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Created 19-Apr-18

Because print size is dependent on cropping, none of these photos have been formatted for printing and all are in high resolution jpeg format. If you wish to order prints, you may crop the picture at the time of sale (e.g. to better position your skater in the frame). Also, cropping will allow you to center the skater better or reduce the background. Regardless, all orders will be reviewed by me to ensure the pictures are cropped appropriately before they are processed. Click here to better understand this.

You can also purchase individual jpeg files directly from the web site.

Too many pictures to choose from?

You can buy all of your skater's photos and then just download the ones you want! The price is $40 for the first event for single skater, $45 for first event for Pairs/Dance Couples and $10 for each additional event. The price goes up $5 on April 30th!
You can download them directly from our web page, and you have unlimited downloads for at least a year, but much longer (no end date at this time). If you are interested go to this link.

Thanks and enjoy the photos!
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